The great Lightroom CC experiment

Well, here we are about a month and a half into the Lightroom upgrade to CC and to sum up the experience, I guess I vacillate between two words, "eh" and "arg."

Overall, everything was working fine. I tried out the new features and LR seemed a little bit faster. But, that changed about a week ago.

As is normally the case, I was working on a large project and LR essentially came to a stop. It wasn't hung, but it was at near glacial speeds. I was changing photographs, the full size image came up on my 2nd monitor with the little "Loading" message at the bottom of the photo. Instead of the animation spinning for a moment, it was just sitting there.  No matter what I clicked on, nothing happened.

Like most would do, I went to Task Manager to kill off the app. But, I noticed it didn't have a not responding message. I also noticed that LR was using about 50% of my processor (8 core i7). Normally, it is somewhat lower than that unless I'm exporting a large set of photos.

I don't know why I noticed it, but after doing a little digging around I noticed that the little spinning icon next to the loading message had moved just a little bit. So, LR wasn't hung. It was just moving at a glacial pace.

I decided to kill off the app after about 20 minutes. After I closed it, I checked to insure I had plenty of disk space and I had previously checked that I had no memory or pagefile issues.

I restarted LR and, thinking it was just a fluke or bad joo joo, continued editing my project. Within about 10 minutes the same thing happened again. To cut to the chase, I optimized my catalog, deleted my preview cached, increased the cache size in Settings, and turned off the "Use GPU" option. I still have the same symptom.

I've been scanning the forums to see if anyone else has run into this. So far, no luck. I'm contemplating removing LR and re-installing. But, before I get that drastic, I'm going to do a little more digging.  I can still use my desktop[ for short duration work it seems. My laptop is not exhibiting the issue. I can always do things there and migrate catalogs later. 

More details as I get them...