The great Lightroom CC experiment

Well, here we are about a month and a half into the Lightroom upgrade to CC and to sum up the experience, I guess I vacillate between two words, "eh" and "arg."

Overall, everything was working fine. I tried out the new features and LR seemed a little bit faster. But, that changed about a week ago.

As is normally the case, I was working on a large project and LR essentially came to a stop. It wasn't hung, but it was at near glacial speeds. I was changing photographs, the full size image came up on my 2nd monitor with the little "Loading" message at the bottom of the photo. Instead of the animation spinning for a moment, it was just sitting there.  No matter what I clicked on, nothing happened.

Like most would do, I went to Task Manager to kill off the app. But, I noticed it didn't have a not responding message. I also noticed that LR was using about 50% of my processor (8 core i7). Normally, it is somewhat lower than that unless I'm exporting a large set of photos.

I don't know why I noticed it, but after doing a little digging around I noticed that the little spinning icon next to the loading message had moved just a little bit. So, LR wasn't hung. It was just moving at a glacial pace.

I decided to kill off the app after about 20 minutes. After I closed it, I checked to insure I had plenty of disk space and I had previously checked that I had no memory or pagefile issues.

I restarted LR and, thinking it was just a fluke or bad joo joo, continued editing my project. Within about 10 minutes the same thing happened again. To cut to the chase, I optimized my catalog, deleted my preview cached, increased the cache size in Settings, and turned off the "Use GPU" option. I still have the same symptom.

I've been scanning the forums to see if anyone else has run into this. So far, no luck. I'm contemplating removing LR and re-installing. But, before I get that drastic, I'm going to do a little more digging.  I can still use my desktop[ for short duration work it seems. My laptop is not exhibiting the issue. I can always do things there and migrate catalogs later. 

More details as I get them...

I'm back... Lightroom 6 rumors...

Hello everyone.... A sad loss in the family has been keeping me busy as well as drained the batteries some. But, I'm back, with camera and computer in tow, and getting back into the swing of things.


To kick off 2015, I start with a recent post about Lightroom 6. If true, we'll get a performance boost as well as some new features. To learn more, check out this PetaPixel article.

It's here!!!! The Complete Photography Bundle II

If you're looking for resources and tools to help take your photography to the next level, I highly recommend you take a look at "The Complete Photography Bundle II" that is on sale for the next five days. It's a great collection of training videos, e-books, LR/PS presets and actions, and much more from photographers like Trey Ratcliff, David DuChemin, Zack Arias, Serge Ramelli and many more.

For more details, click the pic. And, for complete transparency, I'm not affiliated with the offer in any way. I just enjoy many of the contributors work and want to share.