Does the term "Color Space" make you blue?

Here's a great article and video from the folks at Petapixel talking about color spaces and color management. It was a challenge for me after years of being in the film world and moving to digital. sRGB, AdobeRGB, color profiles, oh my.  Now it's just part of the workflow. Give it a look....

This is a republishing of a video I published on another YouTube channel. I take you through some color theory that anyone can understand, and then show how you can use that knowledge to take your photos through a color-managed workflow the best way possible.

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The original PetaPixel article can be found here.

The power of the unspoken word...

Guinness US released a commercial titled "Empty Chair" over the July 4th weekend that reminded me of how powerful not saying anything can be. With the exception of a few moments of narration at the very end, the message is delivered by the visuals and a little music in the background. This video is simple, yet conveys a strong message. 

As Creatives, we use our various mediums to convey emotion and tell a story. When I see a great example, I like to call it out. 

Great Job Guinness.